Do Childminders Need To Have Liability Insurance?

Given the precarious nature of the profession, all professional childminders should obtain public liability insurance to protect them in their work with young children. A strong insurance policy will evaluate your individual circumstance and create a coverage that is flexible to fit your individual needs. Most childminding policies will contain safeguards and financial coverage with regard to the following:

Common Types of Liability Claims

  • Accidental injury or death to the child in your care
  • Loss or damage to a client’s property during the course of childcare activities
  • Trespassing or other nuisance claims
  • Injury or death caused by first-aid or medical treatment
  • Children being left in the care of another due to an emergency

The most common cause of claims is accidental injury. When caring for a child, there is no way to completely eradicate risk. Given how protective parents are of their children, it may not surprise you that some may feel injuries are the direct result of your negligence. These parents will likely do more than change childminders, they may file a lawsuit which could irreparably harm your reputation and your livelihood. Without public liability insurance, you would be forced to defend yourself and pay for all the legal costs such a suit incurs. However, if you have a public liability plan, the insurance company is responsible for defending you and will pay out any settlement that is reached, provided the claim does not fall under the various exclusions listed in your policy.

Exclusions and Small Print

Many childminding insurance policies will have exclusions built in that will not be covered. Such exclusions typically include abuse or physical harm carried out by the insured member, damage to the insured member’s own property, death or illness inflicted upon the insured person’s own children, children’s property in the care of a child over 7 years of age, and employer property.

Getting a Quote

Many insurance policies will have a website where you can get a quote by filling out a simple form. However, it is a good idea to shop and compare rates before you make a decision on a particular policy. Utilising a comparison website will save you the time and effort of having to fill out multiple forms, while giving you the option to sort by a variety of criteria.

Professional Advice

If you still have questions regarding the type of policy you should opt for, contact an insurance advisor for assistance. Given that the risks of your business are unique to your situation, it’s a good idea to go over the exclusions and policy particulars with a professional before choosing a provider. As the risk to your business is great, you should make sure to find a public liability plan that fills your specific needs. For example, you can get cover for either your home or a childcare facility. Ideally, if you opt for insuring your home, you should make sure to demonstrate it is safe for children in order to lower your premiums as well as reduce your risk.

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